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The Roulette That Brings Chaos! The content of this video is NOT mine and I make no profit from this in any way. Pantasia’s Kazuma Azuma is set up against St. Chihiro Otsuka as Tsukino Azusagawa. Kawachi then realises that he didn’t start baking because he wanted to make money, he started baking because he wanted to be ‘cool’ like his father, who kept trying to achieve his dreams no matter how many times he failed. When he takes a look at Monica’s hands, they are scarred as a result of molding hot sweets, and when Suwabara sees this he says that she has the most beautiful hands he have ever seen, as the marks on her hands are the mark of a true patissier. Celeste Dela Cruz as Mizuno Azusagawa. Karuma the demon and her three demon disciples.

The judging is about to begin, and Azuma arrives just before the final 20 minutes of the match. Kawachi’s Intensive Manliness Training! Monica turns out to be a real challenge, as she is the Queen of Patisserie revealed in manga to have won by default though. The scene switches to Kawachi and the gang, and flashes back to Kawachi’s training at the church. Right Stuf Adds Azazel-san, Yakitate! Karneval episode 8 dub anime ltz inferno Month ago.

The day of the match between Azuma and Shachihoko has arrived. Episode 30 Now, to France!! To make it up to him, Azuma shows him and Kawachi how to make Japan 2. Pierrot is revealed to have ” Bombay blood ” and is on the verge of dying.

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takitate Views Read Edit View history. We learn that both Shadow and Monica were novices chosen for their promise, and the reason Sachihoko was there was to teach the two other teammates during the competition. Takanori Hoshino as Bob Kaiser ep Kawachi is surprised to see Tsukino not coming to his match and wins. Kenichi Motohashi Doga Kobo; eps 2, 19, Luk Internacional Spain Translation: Azuma realizes that he has made a similar Japan, Japan These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves.


Singing And Dancing French Breads! Kawachi, otoko no moutokkun!

Chichi ga eranda ichiryuu no otoko! Yukio Hattori as Yukio Hattori himself; 1 episodes ep 7 special guest.

Epsode later discovers that inside the box was a cellphone. Keiji Himeno as Muhammad. Hirofumi Ogura 6 episodes eps 21, 30, 36, 45, 59, MediaLink Entertainment Limited Dubbing: Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on.

Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August Then Azuma declares his price – 0 yen.

Mitsuaki Hoshino as Producer Yamakawa eps 54, 58, Kurumi Mamiya as Girl ep As well, the goat’s milk that Azuma used eliminates the main allergen in milk, making it a bread that fits the manager’s request. Luk Internacional Spain Dubbing Studio: During Pierrot’s reaction to Monica’s bread, Pierrot got arrested for hassaing [ clarification needed ] Chinese cabbage, so both Episod and Monica had to go the police station to get the results.


The theme for the next round of the Yakitate!! Monica turns jspan to be a real challenge, as she is the Queen of Patisserie revealed in manga to have won by default though. Masayuki Katou as Examinee.

However, Azuma rebounds to make a Mount Fuji -shaped bread, and gains two points back – comparatively, the strongest competitor otherwise, Suwabara Kai, has a zero point deduction.


Sho Hayami as Meister Kirisaki.

The Panda Man Appears! On the day of the competition, Tsutsumi arrives with a pot made from volcanic rock and Kanmuri arrives with a log of apple-wood. Kawachi experiences another mental breakdown in lack of confidence, and is told that to win, he must create a bread as good as Azuma’s It yakitatf out that Mikhail Schukapper an Hapan racer had tasted both finalist breads, and in his speech about his victories and life, he states that he preferred the Gopan to Azuma’s Japan.

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Masako Katsuki as Maetel Leonhart eps Kazuki Ogawa as St. Takahiro Yoshino as Pierrot’s father ep On the day of the match itself, Matsushiro, in the audience, gasps at the sight of the CMAP team’s mango curry being cooked in demi-glace sauce; he episde explains to Kawachi that the filling in curry breads has to be relatively dry and strongly flavored so that the bread will fng go soggy.

Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Episode 48 The Great Detective Pierrot!! It is then revealed that Monica is the winner and when Suwabara wanted to give Monica a handshake, Monica refuses, so Suwabara pulls her hands. Pierrot is able to advise the over-eating Queen during her pregnancy on how to keep herself fit so she does not die during pregnancy and even rushes her to the hospital himself when her water breaks, but suddenly he begins to disappear inches from the hospital.