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People were starting to finally notice him and paying a great deal to his voice acting. Well, my place is too. It was an unfortunate case that made him focus even more in his career as a voice actor. Suddenly clinging to me like that…how embarrassing…. Yeah, anything is fine. Makai Ouji event The one with the pond.

Ashire meros cast At the very least you can bring drinks. When I go to France, strange guys might hit on you. Many of those shows lasted at least one year, which sums up to a good amount of experience and contact with the radio world. To break the pace set by our previous Seiyuu Digests we change our focus from the mainstream voice actors to the less known — but equally talented — seiyuu in the business. I told all the Le Ciel Bleu guys not to lay a hand on you. There she meets a bunch of anthropomorphic jewels who treat her like their blow up doll while she spams her necklace powers in their faces.

Suzuki Yuuto – Owari no Esperanza – Drama CD – Vol.1 (Hanakagami) |

Are you making fun of me? What more can I change?! What was an initial curiosity for him about the genre all his girlfriends talked about, turned out to be something he started to gain interest in. Thanks for writing this!

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I just had a great idea. It has a very…gentle taste. Other radio shows co-hosted by Yuto include: Will Michiru ever figure out the deal with her dreams and be able to get some restful sleep? We have loads of cx things that can make the genoise amazing. Love Bomber in Why do I have to walk home together with you? Hikami-san probably thinks the same too. Out of Animarus — Nobunaga Shimazaki had the best breakthrough but Yuto and Koutarou are on their way. Fandisk to Dance with Devils.


There she meets a bunch of anthropomorphic jewels who treat her like their blow up doll while she spams her necklace powers in their faces. If you want to share this please remember to credit me! This is not a secret in the seiyuu industry in Japan: Kinda like fresh cream.

What do I mean? In the middle of the street-! The small ones must be the babies. I told all the Le Ciel Bleu guys not to lay a hand on you. This is the Gateau Fraise I made this morning. Hikami-san has really good intuition particularly.

The texture of the sponge is a little denser compared to before. What are you peeping at?! Makai Ouji event Before I said I might be going to France in 6 months. No matter how interesting your stories are you may as well save it.

I want yours too. Post crama not sent – check your email addresses! Why do you live so close? Yuufo would you do if someone saw us?! Can I…lick it all up?

Suzuki Yuuto – Dousei Kareshi – Drama CD – Vol.1 (Strawberry Cats) |

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Marginal 4 on Rejet. Whatever time suits you. Hypothetically I…well, what if…I mean as a possibility… [ Shounen Hollywood reading event Suddenly clinging to me like that…how embarrassing… [1. This is the review drqma the Collar x Malice fandisk which contains after stories for the main cast, side stories for some of the side characters, and an alternative story that takes place after dram of the bad endings of the game.


They leave a coin with a cat symbol on it and a roman numeral that indicates the number of months till the count down. This time we make place for one of the rising stars in the seiyuu business.

Go ahead and look. I definitely become a first class patissier like Hikami-san!

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Why do you want to drmaa my name? Taking our focus from that side of Yuto we focus our minds on his solo career in the music business. Bonus Track — So Sweet [0. Thanks for taking the time to read our digests! Will you take care of the meals tomorrow? Your place is this way.

Then, can I have omelette rice? Let me put it in…! Tsukishiro Michiru dreams about the world of Calmina every night. Whatever it is, just say anything. Before anything…you gave me this. Does it feel good?