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Also if you want a nice read get into Mary Stuart’s amazing biography by Zweig. I’m not against a good old love triangle when it’s properly done, but man it hasn’t. Notify me of new posts via email. I like her less now tbh. And we have to wait so long! This site uses cookies. They take off riding as Francis comes tearing down the road yelling for her to wait and calling her name. I mean, I like the 2 of them together but we all know he dies a year after they marry right?

She would deserve to die. Mary is packing her things and the ladies agree she needs to go alone. Turns out Diane bailed on the poisoning thing and has advised her son to flee until she can work things out with King Henry. God I love this show. I told Bash to run off into the forest with Mary and not have to worry about anything except spiders and bathing because ick , and that is exactly what happened. I’d be for that, except I just don’t see how a woman a Queen no less could get away with hiding a pregnancy back then. Also I hate Kenna.

Was it established somewhere? I’m sad for Francis, excited to see how the sparks with Mary and bash play out. Girl, are you not taking all of your prom dresses? And these scenes have been great, doesn’t hurt that Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo have intense chemistry together.

Reign on Prime – 1× Fated

I was totally baffled at Mary’s emotions, poor girl first she was in love, then shocked at the kings plans for her, then ultra shock at nostradamus predictions, sad cause her friend died and even sadder at living Francis cause he could live!

But of course, without her there wouldn’t be this much drama! He says he needs Diane. Oh Francis and Bash. Mind you, I don’t remember reading about Mary Queen of Scots having a thing with the bastard son of the synoopsis of France either.


But yeah, she traded this for Nostradamus assuring her one of her best friends would die before the frost melted. And fwted is the best show of all shows every week.

Run and Share That Tweet. I thought Clarissa kind of sounded like Mary You must only feign images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. And also even if she did it with Francis if it was found out like this, Catherine can use it to not sgnopsis Mary marry Francis the next time. He says it will be one of her ladies because he can see them gathered around the victim. I need to see it.

Reign on Prime – 1×08: Fated

There was not a moment where I wasn’t laughing. Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig Drums: I can only assume that if the show is insisting on sticking to the whole Francis dies young thing that it’s going to follow the course of history?? I thought the same thing about Francis falling to his knees. Are you broken inside about Mary and Francis, or super excited about Mary and Bash? Pregnant or not, I honestly don’t care because I think the show will be awesome either way.

I’ve been wondering where Olivia is too. Hmm like you said on your review, Bash and Francis have been rather equals. All over it was an excellent episode and not only cause my beloved Henri II was back. But it could have happened I must say, you have outdone yourself on this review. Also I hate Kenna. I’m crying from laughing so hard.

And, I know everyone here seems ready to throw Lola to the wolves, but, having Aylee the one to go fulfilled two of Nostradomus’ prophecies, further ‘proving’ his powers of foresight. I love this show Greer toasts to the power of love and holds the cup Aylee gave her to hold.


Keep track of everything fatrd watch; tell your friends. Catherine breaks down and begs her not to let Francis die.

She says she thinks he has a gift.

She should have know her life fatrd in danger after she told the queen about Diane’s betrayal, she’s an important witness! This show is a frothy, crazy, piece of entertainment.

Are You Not Fatted Although I guess they could a few adjustments. And then I realised of course, it’s the CW. I love this show and Lily’s reviews I always laugh or chuckle at her photo recaps and comments.

Can’t wait to see more of these two. Henry Valois Rossif Sutherland Jon snow for the win!! Have your feelings changed toward her? But it was pretty funny when he said that right after canoodling. His prophesy was fulfilled but faated mortal means. This is nuts on a lot of levels, but so addictive. Kenna is naive and annoying. With barely time to enjoy the afterglow of their first night together, Mary and Francis are summoned to court to learn that Mary Tudor, Queen of France, is on her death bed and Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots, has a totally fair claim to the throne over that illegitimate chick, Elizabeth I.

Happy New Year to everyone at tv. And dashing Bash is happy to accompany Mary on her flight.

Frances, clearly, is no longer afraid of committing to the Queen of Scots. What more could you ask for?!