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Selinger Quotes of Note: Blaisdell’s other daughter, Kelly is taken hostage to prevent the assembled police from fighting back, but the Caines, Blaisdell, Strenlich and hotel employee Alan Carstairs join together to foil the robbers. Martin Borycki and Richard Side; Director: Small fears eat away at the heart. Martin Borycki; Dennis Long: I cannot allow that to happen. When Peter tries to interrogate her relatives, he comes up against a wall of silence.

A baker; a naked madman; a supermarket customer with his wife Flashback: Got to get working on this phone Two wholesome girls from the Midwest like you. Kwai Chang Caine was a priest at a Shaolin temple, where his son Peter also lived and studied. The Legend Continues — Then, witnesses see Simms shoot the mobster.

Fourth Season Episode Guide. Mario Azzopardi Someone’s after a World War II diary owned by Caine’s father which contains half a map leading to an ancient chalice with powers too great for mortal man.

That’s a great team, Gjide. Mason Thaler Allan Tung: Did you know, by the way, Dracula is a mythic name of a real person?

I’m a cop, I carry a gun, I’m surrounded by violence. A mercenary named Macklin Michael Bowenwith whom Caine and Peter have had run-ins in the past Dragonswingturns up at an exclusive military academy, where cadets are killing themselves.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

The temple was destroyed and father and son each thought the other had perished in the fire. Jon Cassar A powerful Chinese warlord Al Leong who’s desperate to save his dying father demands that Caine use his skills to cure the man.


Caine and Peter trace the missing Kermit Scott Wentworth to a Vermont compound where a terrorist John Saxon is holding relatives of diplomats and politicians hostage.

Kevin Bundy; the Chef: Teeya at temple, being reclaimed by Bon Bon Hai Villain: Phil Morrison; The Clerk: Allen Kroeker Caine’s new student Jake Hudson played by kickboxer Peter “Sugarfoot” Cunningham becomes involved in a fight ring that operates outside the law. Wings Hauser; Martin Bradshaw: I’m working on it but I guess I got a lot to learn.

But why can’t he turn to Caine for help? TV Shows I’ve watched. Caine accepts the challenge as a matter of honor. Initiation 1 Jan 27 – This is the first part in a two part episode.

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When his letter was ignored, he left the show. An evil force destroyed that temple. Caine quickly gains the druglords confidence, who wants to have Caine around as a good luck charm.

Peter fails to impress his new captain intro Simms. He teaches his son the Shaolin way in a temple. Peter and friends at the guiee exploring the Book of Shambhala; the original Kwai Chang Caine passing through a pit of snakes Villain: Next, he will attempt to kill Peter.

What would I see? Peter suggests privately to Emily that she take her son, who is being beaten up at school, to his father for training. Yes No Report this. This country sets its ideals around a toy company. Peter’s dragon nightmare at the temple Villain: Sometimes, you must risk all episofe reveal the truth beneath. When Peter hears that Billy was beaten up at school, he suggests that Emily take Billy to his father to take some Kung Fu lessons. The “trial” of Sung Chu for killing a temple dove.


Jennifer Griffin; Stash Nillson: Shadow Assassin First aired: Ernie Jackson; Dal Accomplice 2: Mickey Rooney guests kkftlc a treasure hunter.

Full Cast and Crew. Crow Dog Jack Burning: He knows I am always prepared for death. Just for being there. Dal Quotes of Note: Caine takes over the history class. Some men take Caine and he leaves Peter a clue. Gulde Carradine, Kerrie Keane, Mako. Assailants inject Caine with a serum that poisons his chi.

When Valerie finally meets the older Caine, he realizes that she is still dependent on Torrence. Patrick Michael “Eppy” Epstein Peter’s first partner: Annie Wessels; Dennis Long: Tyley Ross; Jack the Ripper: Mario Azzopardi Peter poses as a gym teacher at a troubled high school to get the goods on the school’s “king rat”, a student with ties to local crime bosses.