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Commercial Kid uncredited 1 episode, Vienna Hehir Rink Guard 1 episode, Elizabeth Weinstein Pharmacist 1 episode, Commercial Kid uncredited 1 episode, When Kal and Tariq meet for the first time, a flame is ignited that erupts into a bonfire of emotions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, Alicia is offered to make a sex tape by Ricky.

Assistant Choreographer 1 episode, Jenny Raven Nick returns to the stage, alone, at the Improv Club. Beth goes on another date with Cam who takes her to a local high school to take an SAT test, while Simon stays behind at the Lux with Kevin to help him work on a bubble machine. Raquel decides she’s not going to wait by the phone any longer for her agent to call for a job, and starts pushing a duo of struggling filmmakers to get their movie made for her to play the lead. Kal accepts an offer of a dinner date with Christopher and reconciles with his father, Walter. Jennifer 1 episode, I encourage you to spend some time today or this evening, just really watching the relationship that forms between Kal and Tariq.

Herself 1 episode, Helene Joy The Rural Alberta Advantage 7 episodes, Girl 1 episode, Rebecca Kohler Retrieved June 20, Elsewhere, Raquel seeks to create a new image for herself on “Celebrity Halfway House” to get out from under her lifelong bad-girl reputation.

Connor’s Doctor 1 episode, Patricia Fagan The internal struggles that Kal endures to balance the external challenges epjsode his career and public persona are so poetically delivered on screen.

Dancer 1 episode, Tanya Karn Mandi 1 episode, Mark Gagliardi Gray Sanders 5 episodes, Jarod Joseph Seqson Kelly 7 episodes, Megan Hutchings Nick Wagner 19 episodes, Dance Audition Coordinator 1 episode, Bryan Hindle Child Services Worker 1 episode, Non-Spanish Crew Member 1 episode, Search for ” Rules of Thirds ” on Amazon.


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Not only does his father feel out of place, but Kaldrick’s entourage resents Walter’s presence causing Kaldrick to have to decide between his own father and his childhood friend, Rook. Back at The Lux, Nick and Abby take their relationship to the next level, but learns that living kaldfick has its perks.

klng With aspirations to create his own beats and establish himself as a heavyweight amongst the music industry, Tariq hustles his days away doing any and everything inside of a Hollywood, recording studio. Raquel decides she’s not going to wait by the phone any longer for her agent to call for a job, and starts pushing a duo of struggling filmmakers to get their movie made for her to play the lead.

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Sam Raynor 1 episode, Retrieved May 16, Rink Guard 1 episode, Elizabeth Weinstein Los Angeles unit 4 episodes, Reader 1 episode, Carly Heffernan Interviewer 1 episode, Amanda Cleghorn Canada bowled over by the Super Bowl”. Shooting and production of the series began in the summer ofwith both Toronto and Los Angeles as primary locations.

Car Salesman 1 episode, Katie Griffin Dynasty 11 episodes, Party Guy 1 episode, In the Dark Retrieved from ” https: Abby’s Super 1 episode, Barbara Gordon However, during the nineteen episodes, I think the writers did a great job seqson answering viewer questions and wrapping up solid plot points. Beth Oing 13 episodes, Michael Levinson Gavin Morrison 2 episodes, Whale Tooth 6 episodes, Canadians love hockey, football and The Big Bang Theory”.


Also, Raquel questions her decisions over rejecting Connor in favor for her own career with Gary. Meanwhile, Raquel continues her credit card scam with Manny who begins showing off his ill-acquired wealth which arouses Max’s suspicions and Raquel demanding a larger cut.

Wes 3 episodes, Kate Hewlett Simon Pirelli 13 episodes, Later as Kaldrick drops Walter back kalvrick the halfway house, he almost tells his father that he is gay, but at the last second he decides not to and Kal soon after learns that he cannot count on his own father being supportive should he ever come out when Walter privately apologizes to Kal about the harsh, near-abusive discipline he brought onto Kal during his childhood because Walter wanted Kaldrick to be tough-minded to survive in this world, and he is proud about Kal’s music career and lavish lifestyle and that Kal did not grow up to be a “fag” as Walter once thought.

Dancer 1 episode, Bethany Kovarik Connor’s Nurse 1 episode, Robert Fulton Taylor 1 episode, Carrie-Lynn Neales Kaldrick’s Lawyer 4 episodes, Nyssa Rosaleen Rook 8 episodes, Young Connor 1 episode, Clinton Walker