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I’m looking forward to reading and filling in the blanks from the past episodes. I’m guessing they might have their own subplots to keep us busy, I hope so at least. Agree with you, but I wish lead woman in 7G was another actress. Im so glad Heads is recapping this Seems like Young has been unaware, which means Secretary Wang has been keeping them from her. I was actually so relieved finding that this show would be recapped by our thoughful, non-biased and sharp HeadsNo2. LoveIt February 16, at 3:

His tactics are obvious, and she gives in to him. Those confusions were also HJ’s confusion. The scenes where they were in Japan, ugh she was the best there. The preview for the next episode showed that the guy didn’t want to go with the girl because she was with IRIS. I wonder if it’s like the difference between gothic and soap-opera? Lol, they were alright but nothing really special imo.

So far it exceeded my expectations and I am liking it better than the original. Actually, it was weird but I kept being reminded of the character Kimura Kenji from Gaksital when Oh Soo was in overalls, hair parted and slicked in this episode. I haven’t been so excited about a drama for a long time, especially because of Jo In-sung!!! I don’t see him overacting in this drama, I would say I’m impressed because i am worried he might not pull it off like what Atsuro did in the original.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thanks for the recap, I’m so looking forward to this!!! So-ra pays Soo a visit in prison and asks him to serve a one-year sentence for the embezzlement she framed him for. But after reading your recap Heads, I’m in. SH February 14, at 6: I’ve already finished watching Ep. I’m really loving this too. As many of you had already stated above; the writing, directing, actors, movements, color, everything in this drama is darn beautiful that I feel like they’re not living on Earth!


Thanks for the recap!!! Because you love me. However, I always feel like suddenly he’ll do a complete and become evil, lol. I almost get sad when his scenes end and we go to another shot because as much as I eventually enjoy the other actors and scenes, I find myself totally yearning to see his smile once more. Those two episodes created the entire sequence of what happened afterwards. Oh, any drama from ? Please let me know the brand and color if you find out, lol! Rashell February 14, at 3: He still thinks Friend Soo was lying about being a secret chaebol, and laughs about it.

I just wish SBS had thought to throw in a time machine with their three-episode bundle this week. He eventually wears Soo down, and teases him about being unable to follow through on his threat to end their friendship: Download the latest version here. It was grotesque, but it needed to be grotesque. I’m looking forward to reading and filling in the blanks from the past episodes.

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It all happened so fast! The human psychological laws are respected and you can always understand why one person does what she does, even if you don’t agree with her.


I don’t know why people are criticizing TOP for. I had to stop and fan myself to survive through out the episode, also not to mention SHK acting is so good too. I’ve been watching Level 7 but with just one episode of That Winter I’m switching sides: Abbie February 14, at I imagine Iris 2 would do better ratings-wise because it appeals to a broader audience.

But if he knows what he is doing like hereit’s fascinating to watch.


Bureau Chief Baek San! Sooyeon claims that she was too drunk to remember anything. It looks as though the sniper was just messing around. I have read and enjoyed the recap of this drama elsewhere but I am still happy to see it being recapped on dramabeans by HeadsNo2. Dramaceazy roots are incrusted with melo so this is truly for me!

He reminds me of the sort of acting from American films in the 30s, like a Humphrey Bogart or Jimmy Cagney gangster flick. I, on the other hand, epjsode the movie.

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