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Rounds include physical challenges, a building challenge in which Rosario, Bridget, Willie, and Mike must engineer a device that can “catch” a watermelon without breaking it, and a trivia challenge that pits Willie and Mike against one another recalling science facts, solving word scrambles, and identifying details from previous challenges. Then, he sends Marc and Rubye to learn how to indoor skydive. They meet with two Imagineers, Bernie and Jason to learn how to design a coaster and about the forces and motion at work, including gravity and inertia. Ruff thinks his “Crustationery” is a great idea. First, they meet up with a neurologist to learn about the brain. He then learns about the bio-mechanics behind successful pitching and fine-tunes his own pitching technique.

Then, they build a physical model to try out their ideas for a Hawaiian themed roller coaster. Meanwhile, Willie and Madi stayed in Studio G. In order to be a huge success, all Ruff’s new “Ruff Meal” needs is a good jingle and about 50 pounds less packaging. Having just heard the weather announcer on W-O-O-F predict clear skies, a confused Ruff is determined to figure out what’s going on. Retrieved September 1, Meanwhile, Rosario and Bridget stayed in Studio G.

He sends the FETCHers to a spa to learn about yoga and how to get their heart rates down, then it’s on to an amusement park to get their pulses racing and scientifically measure their “fear factor.

Meanwhile, Bethany and Liza stayed in Studio G. Then, they build a physical model to try out their ideas for a Hawaiian themed roller coaster. Meanwhile, Nina and Madi stayed in Studio G. Then in a re-match, Willie must make some modifications to his body based on what he’s learned.

The FETCHers earned no points and were not shown until the end, when Ruff calls them, telling them that they were picked for the show. Meanwhile, Khalil and Brian stayed in Studio G.

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman – Finale

Unfortunately, Ruff’s owner has set up a new picket fence to keep him yard-bound. Meanwhile, Rosario heads to the mountains to learn how to snowboard. Uncle MacRuffmantosh calls with news that he thinks he’s located the Helmet on a faraway mountaintop, so Ruff plans to ride rruff trusty tricycle up the mountain to retrieve the prize.


Ruff’s nephew Glen has learned that a mysterious villain, Gamma Ray Person, is trying to harness the electromagnetic spectrum for evil. Ruff is determined to find the lost Helmet of Victory-an old Ruffman family heirloom that is said to bestow success upon its wearer-and Ruff needs success for his show. They experience the life of true cowboys and cowgirls.

Ruff has just learned that he’s set to inherit Ruffman Manor from his ancestor Maximilian Ruffman. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Ruff, in an artistic mood, is working on putting the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece when he hears the loud crashing of thunder outside his doghouse.

The show must go on! The kids learn what it takes to stay alive if you are lost in the forest. In the middle of the show, Noel must save Ruff’s kibble from burning after Chet sends it to a fire site! Meanwhile, Nina and Rosario stayed in Studio G.

So Ruff sends Brian, Bethany, and Talia to meet with a bicycle expert and physics professor. Ruff sends Nina and Rosario to the Louisiana Bayou to learn how to make gumbo and learn about the rich cultural heritage of New Sedies.

Ruff’s owner has rediscovered the joys of playing fetch with her dog. Meanwhile, Anna and Noah stayed in Studio G. Retrieved August 23, Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. They visit a pediatrician and learn about how the body responds to stressful situations like going to the doctor’s office. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Ruff decides to turn over a new leaf–the stress of running a TV show will no longer get to him-no sirree.


Meanwhile, Julia and Anna stayed in Studio G. Ruff also learns some important clues about the mysterious disappearance of his parents. Ruff has no choice but to give airtime to cats as he challenges Taylor and Anna to train a cat to fetch. Then, the kids go through Tomb, an Egypt-themed amusement park to solve the mystery of the mummy.

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman – Finale – video dailymotion

They have to search the cave for geological objects that will help them uncover hidden objects in the cave. In doing so, they learn about the physical characteristics that some humans share such as shoe size, and hair color and the characteristics that are unique to individuals such as DNA and fingerprints.

Meanwhile, Noah and Brian must design, build and fly a kite that will lift a dog biscuit in the air and land it on the front porch of Charlene, the poodle next door. Retrieved September 1, Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. Sam, Harsha and DJ work on sand sculpture at the beach while Jay learns about hair and beauty at a salon.

In addition, Ruff is searching for his long-lost parents and decides to employ the help of a carrier pigeon. Ruff’s communication satellite is on the blink, in desperate need of repair. Meanwhile, Taylor and Noah stayed behind in Studio G. In order to be a huge success, all Ruff’s new “Ruff Meal” needs is a good jingle and about 50 pounds less packaging.