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The next morning, Tae-gon and Ryu Dam went out to the sea by boat to fish. Indian Ocean , Reunion Island. Retrieved June 19, Kim Byung-man sustained an injury while trying to climb down what they didn’t realize at the time was a cliff. Northern Mariana Islands , Pacific Ocean. SBS News in Korean.

Season 2 Episode 22 2 hrs ago. Retrieved December 4, They were first tasked to ride horses to their next destination, but on the way there, a horse kicked Jeongyeon’s ankle by accident which injured her as a result. Kim Byung-man suffered an allergic reaction to a bullet ant bite during the trip, which required him to seek immediate medical care. Star Hankook in Korean. Siberia , Russia , North Asia. Yonhap News Agency in Korean.

Retrieved 16 March Two Faces of the Ground Paradise Maldives! Retrieved January 19, Retrieved April 18, Star News in Korean.

FN News in Korean. Maeil Business Newspaper in Korean.

Retrieved April 19, Kangnam and Jinwoon also tried to fish by the river, but also had to leave. My Daily in Korean.

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Each team spent 24 hours on their respective islands before returning to their original survival location. Retrieved 25 June PapuaIndonesiaSoutheast Asia [2]. HimalayasNepalSouth Asia [14]. The youngest member, Apink’s Oh Hayoung, was stung by a scorpion on the first day while building their episodde.


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Housekeeping Men Season 2 Episode 52 10 months ago. TV Report in Korean. Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, For their safety, they decided to move to another location to set up their camp.

Retrieved November 25, Travel up Od Island Members: Ilgan Sports in Korean. Kim Byung-man, Kim Min-kyo and Lee Chun-hee were separated from the rest and went west to the Altai Mountains to meet the Kazakhs to learn the basics of being an eagle hunter while the rest stayed the night. Retrieved 22 September Biz Enter in Korean. On their third day, they traveled to the west of the island. Asia Economic Daily in Korean.

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Kim Byung-manKwak Si-yang [95] Ep. Retrieved January 17, Retrieved April 20, Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, Since they were expecting an island, they are shocked upon learning that they would have to stay in a shipwreck for 56 hours. Patagonia part of ChileSouth America []. Retrieved January 12, Fantastic Duo Episode 23 2 years ago. Inthe Homo floresiensis was first discovered in a limestone cave in the island and were named after it.


Season 2 Episode 25 2 hrs ago.

BLee Yi-kyung Ep. Retrieved October 17, Road to the End of the Earth Members: Sports Seoul in Korean. Hwang Kwanghee suffered an injury during the trip and returned to Korea early.

Nate News in Korean.