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Between the WildSide and the Twister Jar, you already have what you need to make anything in the recipe book. I appreciated very much your information regarding toxicity of seeds and pits, also! Pam, you have discovered what I consider to be the single biggest hurdle for the average Blendtec user. I know the motor is, but is the jar covered if it ever leaks? One of them I want to buy but I dont know which one. Blendtec 37oz Twister jar, marki

The WildSide jar combines with your Blendtec blender to maximize blending performance. The other actually thought the FourSide might be very slightly heavier. I cannot tell any difference whatsoever in the two containers when holding them side by side. Pam, you have discovered what I consider to be the single biggest hurdle for the average Blendtec user. Otherwise, for the particular set of circumstances you described, I tend to think the Vitamix might be more suitable for you. BPA-free 90oz Wildside Jar, markings only go up to 36oz total capacity is 90oz. In terms of nutrient loss via heat, yield should be similar with either container assuming blending times remain consistent with both. Kat, if you like making large quantities and only want one container, the WildSide is the one to get.

Thanks for any help you can offer. It was a real stretchto our budget to make this purchase and I was so excited to finally have a high end blender. Joe, in general you can use recipes calling for the FourSide jar in the WildSide. Again, though, nothing you have described would lead me to believe anything you are or are not doing is the root cause. I want to like this blnder and I want it to work for us, but I must say that I have my doubts.

VP, to the best of my knowledge the only 32oz.

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They both use the same one-touch blend cycle technology as well. Deborah, I am no certain which article you are referencing, but I have written one on the nutrition found in various parts of popular fruits: We do love the blender, but want to take care of it, and be safe with it.


The FourSide Jar just got more interesting. I also tried to make a frappa, which consisted of 1 cup almond milk and professionzl cup of water. Deborah, I am no certain which article you are referencing, but I have written one on the nutrition found in various parts of popular fruits:.

See this article for reference: Donald, the Signature Series from Blendtec is for all intents and purposes the same model as the Total Blender. Your final option is to return it and go a different direction altogether with something like a Vitamix. Raw vegetables high in oxalic acid have become a real point of contention in raw food circles recently because included amongst them are some of the most nutritious out there.

Raw beans can be toxic, especially the larger varieties like black beans. This blender will have a 6 Month warranty from Blendtec. The pieces of gasket wth up through the opening of the blade assembly after it failed.

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The Blendtec container works great on all grains. Even when new in sealed box? Which blenders generate the most heat and what are the differences between them in sealing the blade assembly. Overall, there is relatively little to distinguish one from the other in my opinion. Betsy, to a certain degree, yes. In my videos I demonstrate that the Blendtec is slightly more powerful and will, over the course of the same blending duration, generate more heat than the Vitamix. About Blendtec Jars Shop the large inventory of kitchen, dining, and bar items and Blendtec small kitchen appliances!

For best results, I recommend your combined ingredients at least cover the blade with both the FourSide witj WildSide jars. Hi BD, Thank you soooo much for your detailed response. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The Professional Series comes with a 2. However, regarding nutrient loss, I would expect minimal, if any, difference in required blending durations for most recipes. Also I would like to try making soup in it — and who knows what else.


The seal exploded and went all over the floor. We can conclude from this test that the larger blade in the WildSide jar does not generate more friction than the smaller blade of the FourSide jar.

professsional Have you had any feedback on the stability of the jars? Fruit Seeds and Skin: Hi- funny, I had the same question today. My primary concern is nutrient loss.

Sadly, no matter how good any electronic product is, there will always be a small percentage of failures and it usually occurs within the first 90 days. A hands-free blending experience is not container-dependent, either. I doubt that is the one that comes with the package you are looking at. Condition is Seller refurbished. I remember reading that the Wildside handled cavitation better, but at the same time, the majority of use will be in the form of protein shakes. By now a half hour has passed.

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Thanks for a very informative site. This Blendtec Blender Jar is ergonomically designed and allows for 3-way p Save the money and go with the one container that you think you would use most often.

The difference between the designer and the classic base is only the outlook and the touchscreen control? I need help in determining whether to buy the costco store special they are running which is same as their road show past aug