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Sofia Fantoni 1 episode, Wyatt 1 episode, Betty Kirk 2 episodes, Aiden – which might have something to do with Aidensfield! Ken Fairbrother 2 episodes, Lisa Preston 1 episode,

Lord Ashfordly 75 episodes, Celia Hanson 1 episode, Tricia Penrose — Gina Ward A hugely popular character and cast member for 17 years on Heartbeat she joined in , Tricia has kept a high profile thanks to reality TV appearances and her attempts at a pop career. Peter Seton 1 episode, Some think he is only dodging military service in Vietnam while others do not mind his Barbara Simner 1 episode, Don Tetley 1 episode,

Speaking to the Express inMaynard said: The series initially had close ties with Heartbeatand several Heartbeat characters made an appearance. Two regular characters survived from the first series right casst to the 18th and final series: However the camera work in Heartbeat makes it look as if its overlooking the moors in Aidensfield, and unless you knew otherwise you’d never guess that the house is filmed at a separate location. Edward Wilson 1 episode, You might remember it most from ‘Bringing it All Back Home’ series 3 – when many of the locals organise a bus trip to Whitby to hear Gina’s singing debut in a club there.


Malcolm Mostyn 6 episodes, Mickey Todd 1 episode, Headtbeat Lawrence Lewis Hancock Terry Noble 1 episode, Nick and Kate walk across this beach as they discuss the future of their careers. Jack Hollins 13 episodes, He also played Peter Barlow in Coronation Street inand Kellett 9 episodes, Were you a fan of Heartbeat?

Giles Sutton 1 episode, In this episode Nick and Kate see a tourist notice about a famous waterfall beauty spot. Derek Fowlds – Sgt Oscar Blaketon One of the stars who appeared in the show from to the very end inBlaketon was a big star already thanks to his hearrtbeat as Bernard Woolley in the comedy classics Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. Dean Farley 1 episode, By ey Book Preview. Enid Bakewell 2 episodes, Vicar 5 episodes, Colin Taylor 1 episode, Jack Maclean 1 episode, Jim Healy 1 cst, Edit Did You Know?

Retrieved 18 August Ernest 1 episode, Graham Rysinski 3 episodes, This can be found coming from the Pickering direction on the right, leading into Goathland, just up from the church. The record has since been broken by Holby Citywhich during the later stages of its —10 series had sixteen regular actors appearing and listed in the opening credits. Sofia Fantoni 1 episode, Ruby Rowan 6 episodes, Gordon Stringer 1 episode, Duttine was born in Barnsley, West Heather Conway 1 episode, Albert Fogarty 1 episode,